Machine Shop Productions

Opening in Austin, TX

Currently building a complex with beautiful, great sounding recording studios in barns.


Located close to the city with most live acts in the US: Austin TX.


Meet our talented crew that works in every recording.


We offer everything from producing, recording, mixing and mastering.





Phone: 862.201.3399

Machine's Management

Jay Tavernese
Phone: 631.525.2840
Web: Street Smart Management


Machine is a New Jersey born record producer, engineer, mixer and song writer.  He produced his first major label record at the age of 26 after a stint of successful re-mixes for artists such as White Zombie and Galiano.  Machine is known for expanding on what is unique yet relevant about the artists he works with.  Time and time again he brings artists to a greater audience without alienating where they came from.



Meet out talented engineers.

Alberto de Icaza

Alberto grew up in Mexico city and emigrated to the US at the age 19. He has been under Machine’s and Will Putney’s wing since 2010. He has worked with the Machine Shop crew in records for multiple record labels and is currently producing independent bands as well.

Andy Gomoll

Andy is a native to Texas and has been working at the Machine Shop since 2013.